2-Minute History Behind Denver's Cheesman Park

The condensed version of the horrific story behind one of the most haunted spots in the state of Colorado.

The History Behind Denver's Haunted Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is one of the most haunted spots in the entire state of Colorado, right up next to The Stanley Hotel, and uh, it’s for good reason.

The park used to be a cemetery way back in the day (1858). Originally, the plan, called Mount Prospect, was to have the rich buried on one side, criminals and other low lifes on the other, with everyone else filling in the gaps in the middle.

The lower/normal side of the cemetery quickly filled up faster than the rich side, and eventually became wildly unmaintained by the owner and families of the deceased. The city eventually took control of it, not long after they ditched the Mount Prospect project, and the land was given its new nickname: “Old Boneyard.” (Great, right?)

Wanting to repurpose it, but facing the small problem of the, ya know, thousands of unclaimed bodies still buried there, the city commissioned a public project to remove them as quickly, efficiently, and as cheap as they possibly could.

The History Behind Denver's Haunted Cheesman Park

The details that follow are a little horrendous, but according to Atlas Obscura: “because the contract only required that 3.5 foot long boxes be used to transport the bodies, reporters and curiosity-seekers came to watch as workers chopped up the dead who had not decayed sufficiently and shoveled them into the new crates.”

So, super respectful.

Not long after that whole mess started, nearby residents started continually reporting paranormal activity in and around the park (the freakiest report being moaning sounds coming from the field of open graves!!!). So, the initiative was shut down. Allegedly, there’s still thousands of unclaimed bodies just chillin under the now public park that was built on the land.

The History Behind Denver's Haunted Cheesman Park

I didn’t personally get any weird or spooky vibes when I visited Cheesman Park, but then again I’ve never heard of a ghost story that took place at 10AM on a Saturday morning. I only had the pleasure of seeing more cute dogs than I could possibly ask for while I was there, which, I’m not complaining about.

Have you ever been to Cheesman Park? Would you ever go?

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