Buffalo Boss Babes Speaker Series: Community

This post was created in collaboration with Buffalo Boss Babes.

Buffalo Blogger | Buffalo Boss Babes | Emily Malkowski

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the latest Buffalo Boss Babes Speaker Series event, and, as expected, the morning spent at 42 North Brewing Company proved to be full of good vibes, inspiration, and of course, mimosas.

About Buffalo Boss Babes

Buffalo Blogger | Buffalo Boss Babes | Emily Malkowski

Buffalo Boss Babes is a female-operated blog powered by Carrie Rinehart, the local screen printer, boss babe, and mastermind behind the popular apparel company Rusterior. To pull a quote from the Boss Babes’s blog, the “Buffalo Boss Babes mission is to inspire and empower the creative and inspiring women who are helping to build the resurgence of Buffalo,” all through building a welcoming and supportive community for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives, whether they’re seasoned professionals in their industries or just starting out on their journey.

To speak on the topic of community, the panel of boss babes for Sunday’s event consisted of:

The event began with Katharine’s keynote on the relationship between technology and community. She shared some really interesting insight and argued that while, yes, technology is shattering the definition of community more and more each day, the focus and heart of community still exists within the relationships with the people that are behind the devices.

Building off of that idea, all three of the women on the panel shared some personal stories and ideas on what community has meant to them throughout their own journeys in life and in business, and what a positive impact having a strong community can have, should we choose to embrace it. Here were some of my favorite quotes from Katharine, Raelyn, Beth & Carrie:

“Community is a calm amidst the chaos.”

“There’s room for all of us to succeed.”

“People that choose the safe choice are usually unhappiest.”

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever does.”

“When you start to feel loneliness, really listen to it and take action.”

“It shouldn’t be about our competition- they’re just people too with the same struggles- like, oh, you’re scared of the same things I am!”

Buffalo Blogger | Buffalo Boss Babes | Emily Malkowski

Thanks so much again to the Buffalo Boss Babes team for inviting me out! As someone who’s still pretty new to all things entrepreneurship, I really can’t recommend these events enough. I’ve been able to meet and hear from some really awesome women right here in Buffalo that I might not have connected with otherwise.

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