Step Up Your Airbnb’s Game With These Tips!

What you can do right now to attract guests, market your space, and increase your income as an Airbnb host.

Airbnb Host Tips | Emily Malkowski | Travel & Lifestyle Blogger in Buffalo, NY

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From starting a side hustle for a little extra cash each month to generating a full location-independent income, so many people are looking to get paid to rent their space on Airbnb. With its growing popularity over the last couple of years, Airbnb currently boasts a community of over 650,000 hosts, with even more travelers seeking accommodation. Basically, there’s a lot of opportunity to make that money, honey. But have you stopped to consider if your space really ready for guests?

Obviously there’s the basics of making sure your space is clean, with fresh sheets on the bed, working WiFi, and at least like, one pillow and blanket. As a budget traveler, that’s typically all I really need and look for when choosing a place to stay, aside from, you know, the need for a literal roof over my head. But think about it: There are probably tons of homes and apartments in the same area as yours, probably within just about the same price range as yours. Especially if you’re located in a big city or just outside of one, the market can be incredibly saturated. So as a new Airbnb host, what’s the best way to stand out from the rest and attract guests to your home? Here are some of our top tips to spark some inspiration and help get you started!


Be Sure To Have a Means of Self Check-In

As a solo-traveler, this has been super important for me, and it’s one of the first things I look for when choosing Airbnbs I’ve previously stayed in. With the self check-in option, everything was ready for me whenever I was ready to check in, so it was way less of a hassle for me to get settled in when I had already had a long day of traveling and just wanted to crash.

Plus, we know that travel fails and unexpected setbacks happen all the time. As a host, you won’t have to wait around or change your schedule to let your guest in, should they have any delays at the airport or on the road. With a self check-in system, you can either just send your guest the code to the door or let them know where the key is hidden, and it’ll be that much easier for both you and your guest when they arrive.


It Pays to Make Your Home Instagram-Worthy

Airbnb Host Tips | Emily Malkowski | Travel & Lifestyle Blogger in Buffalo, NY

Yep, you heard me. It might seem a little silly to cater to millennials’ social media obsession, but the one thing that so many Airbnb hosts don’t consider when prepping their space for guests is its marketability, which is something you can control right away when you’re just starting out. Right off the bat, when your new listing doesn’t have any reviews yet, guests are going to have to rely on whether the pictures of your place look sketchy or inviting. I’d be willing to bet that the prettier your home looks in the pictures on your listing, the more traffic your listing’s page will get. It’s really that simple!

Even after you start to book your first couple of stays, if your space is well-decorated, modern, trendy, and most importantly, social media-worthy, it basically guarantees you free marketing for your listing when your new guests inevitably post about how cute it is on their Instagram stories, Snapchat, and whatever else the crazy kids use these days. And trust me, they will.

Airbnb Host Tips | Emily Malkowski | Travel & Lifestyle Blogger in Buffalo, NY

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I know that personally, when I’m in the market for a place to stay on my next trip, I’m going to be way more inclined to ask my real-life friend about that awesome place with the gorgeous kitchen they posted about on Facebook during their vacation last summer, and trust their genuine recommendation over anyone else’s, hands down.


Leave Something Special For Your Guests!

While leaving a little treat for your guests probably isn’t going to make or break their decision to stay with you versus someone else, it’s always nice to go the extra mile to make their experience that much more memorable. Here are some ideas for really easy (and cheap!) ways to show your guests you appreciate them:

  • Set up a coffee bar! It can be as simple as leaving a coffee maker on the counter with a couple of cute coffee mugs and a couple of different flavors of coffee ready to go. A much better and more personalized option than hours-old coffee you’d find in a hotel lobby.

  • Leave some snacks in the cupboard or drinks in the fridge! It always makes me happy to find that a host left me a grab and go snack that I can take with me on the plane or bus ride home with me. And as far as drinks go, (as long as you know your guests are of legal drinking age), feel free to get creative! When my sister and I went to Chicago this past summer, we opened the fridge and found that our host had left us with a couple of beers. It really is the little things!

  • Chances are you know the area better than your guests, so offer some local recommendations for fun things to do, places to eat, or must-see spots to check out while your guests are in town! This can be as simple as writing out a list, or just adding a small section of local favorites to your listing.

What’s your experience with Airbnb? Comment below with your tips for new hosts!

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