5 (More!) Instagram-Worthy Murals in Buffalo, NY

A Handful of the Best Murals and Street Art in Buffalo, NY

That’s right, it’s a sequel to my first post, the most popular page on my blog to date.

This past summer, the beautiful city of Buffalo, NY added some pretty spectacular new murals to their already impressive collection. And while it may not be warm out anymore, mural hunting is still one of my favorite things to do around the city regardless of the season. Not to mention it costs exactly $0.

So if you’re either living in or just visiting Buffalo, I challenge you to play tourist and see if you can find all of these beautiful pieces around town. And I’m going to make it really easy on you by literally giving you all of the addresses to plug into your phone to help you find them. You’re welcome.

“We Are Here” - 1260 Hertel Ave

We Are Here | Best Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art in Buffalo, NY | Emily Malkowski

I first spotted the “We Are Here” mural over the summer, probably while driving to Daily Planet Coffee Co., my go-to coffee shop. This piece stands out on the side of an empty building on the corner of Commonwealth and Hertel with its bright colors and simple geometric design, which actually has a secret message hidden inside of it! Hint: look at the yellow!

Something that’s not super well-known about this mural is the fact that the geometric design of this piece is actually an abstract representation of a map of the neighborhood directly surrounding Hertel Ave. With this overarching idea of community in mind, We Are Here serves as a beautiful way of capturing the North Buffalo area and the local pride and love that all true Buffalonians hold for this city.

Read more about this mural with a neat picture of when the mural was in progress here.


“Lip Service” - 716 Elmwood Ave

Lip Service Mural Elmwood Village | Best Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art in Buffalo, NY | Emily Malkowski

Typically referred to as, “that mural on Elmwood with the red lips,” Lip Service lives in the Elmwood Village facing the patio of Cecelia’s Restaurant. This flashy mural is the most recent piece to pop up in the Buffalo area this year, and was actually dreamt up by the owners of BUREAU, a men’s fashion boutique just a few doors down from Cecelia’s.

The owners remarked in an article that Lip Service serves as a “thank you” to the people of the Elmwood Village for their support, and ultimately helping to grow their business since it’s opening back in 2013.

PS - This mural is really easy to take a picture in front of because it’s never blocked by cars. Yaaaas.


“Wildflowers For Buffalo” - 465 Washington St.

Wildflowers for Buffalo Washington Street | Best Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art in Buffalo, NY | Emily Malkowski

This gorgeous piece, entitled Wildflowers for Buffalo, popped up this past summer as a part of the Albright Knox Public Art Initiative. After seeing this mural on Instagram and in passing for months, finally getting to experience this mural up close and in person made it feel larger than life. Even though I really wish there wasn’t a parking lot in front of this mural, or any mural ever, for that matter, the cars in the above picture serve as a scale to show you just how huge and incredible this piece is.

Interestingly, according to Albright Knox, the flowers incorporated into this mural aren’t just random flowers that the artist thought were pretty- they’re actually all plants native to the Western New York area. Who knew?

Learn more about this floral mural and see some cool pictures of the piece in work here.


Alix Rice Peace Park - 1615 Amherst Manor Dr

The Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation was formed in memory of a girl I actually went to high school with, Alix Rice, who unfortunately died at the hands of a drunk driver one night in July 2011 as she was skateboarding home from work. The tragedy completely shook the community.

Shortly after, the non-profit was formed, and the members of the organization began working with the Town of Amherst to hold fundraising events throughout the years to eventually raise money to construct a skate park to honor Alix. Now, the dream of the skate park is finally a reality, and became officially open to the public in early summer 2018.

Alix Rice Peace Park | Best Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art in Buffalo, NY | Emily Malkowski

The Alix Rice Peace Park serves as a safe place for kids to skate for free, and is home to a beautiful mural wall with angel wings and graffiti-style writing. The park really is such a beautiful spot in the community to celebrate the life of Alix, and I highly recommend seeing it in person.

Alix Rice Peace Park | Best Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art in Buffalo, NY | Emily Malkowski

Lookin’ Good - 1472 Hertel Ave

Lookin' Good Mural Hertel Ave | Best Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art in Buffalo, NY | Emily Malkowski

Created by the same artist that brought the famous Greetings from Buffalo mural to life, Lookin’ Good is the newest addition to the Hertel mural family.

Interestingly enough, Buffalo artist Casey Milbrand actually conceived the idea for Lookin’ Good while he was working on his Greetings from Buffalo mural. Apparently, when people would walk by while he was working, many would yell out to him in encouragement, “looking good!” According to Buffalo Rising, Milbrand “felt that the sentiment was one that people could appreciate throughout the city, during this time when the city is on the rise.”

Lookin’ Good can be found on the side of Craving Restaurant, one block down from North Buffalo’s North Park Theatre.

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