3 Easy Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur

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If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner of any kind, you’re probably already more than familiar with the hustle that comes with it. With so many demands, things to do, and people depending on you at any given time, learning how to maximize your work day productivity is crucial to succeed.

Whether you own your own business, have a side hustle in addition to your full-time job, or are looking to turn that side hustle into your own business, here are just a few tips any entrepreneur should consider when planning workflow and delegating important tasks:

Try Batch Working

Batch working is a method of productivity that requires taking a longer chunk of time (a few hours, an afternoon, an entire work day, etc.) to focus on one specific project or part of your business. It’s especially helpful for content creators, but really can have a place in any type of business. 

Think about how you run your business’s Instagram, for example - it can often feel like a full-time job in itself, right? Especially with the Instagram algorithm constantly fighting against us, there’s a lot of pressure to stay relevant and post as much as possible. Not to mention also making sure that your photos are beautiful, your feed is cohesive, and your captions are strategically written to increase engagement and conversion. Are you anxious yet??

Instead of going through the tedious process every day of thinking of an idea, going out and taking a picture, editing it, thinking of a witty caption, and posting it in real-time, think about how much time (and energy) you could save if you devoted an entire day or afternoon to just Instagram strategy. 

You could snap a handful of photos, brainstorm multiple caption ideas, and edit all of the photos at once to create tons of content all in one shot. Then, just queue them up to share at any time! Apps like Buffer and Hootsuite also make life even easier by providing scheduling features - so you literally don’t even have to hit the publish button everyday.

Of course, batch working isn’t just for Instagram strategy. This method translates to a wide variety of other creative spheres like podcasting, blogging, YouTube, media production, and more! By hyper-focusing your tasks and work days this way, you can create processes that work best for you and help you to stay productive longer. And of course, if something interesting comes up one day and you want to share, you can always change up your schedule and move things around accordingly. You decide!

Pro tip: Use the Plann app to visualize your Instagram feed when planning content to ensure a more cohesive look!


Use Automation for the Easy or Mundane Tasks

As an entrepreneur, it’s natural to want to do everything yourself without outsourcing any tasks in your business. If you’re anything like me, chances are you’re also wildly independent (maybe even to a fault sometimes), so asking for help isn’t always easy.

You may not have even known this to be an option, but tapping into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can really be a productivity game-changer in certain businesses.

Roboworx Bots Blog Post

RPA software, specifically Roboworx Inc., helps take care of the easier tasks to free up more of your time and brainpower to dream big and create things that matter. This can include things like data entry, moving and organizing files, processing invoices, logging in and out of applications, copying and pasting data, filling out forms, and even processing payroll for Human Resources RPA. It’s true that incorporating digital workers into an organization will put a higher demand on HR, but the good news is that the robots can really help with title changes, training, employee data management and time and attendance.

Promising efficiency and 100% accuracy, Roboworx is a great option for business owners that manage a team of employees, or even solo-preneurs who are looking to save some precious time by cutting out having to complete simple tasks like these everyday.


Prioritize “The Big Three”

So many successful entrepreneurs swear by “The Big Three” method of structuring a work day. Simply put, the idea is to prioritize three major tasks a day that need to get done, and planning your time accordingly. 

Of course, any entrepreneur will have way more than just three tasks to do per day (wishful thinking, right?), but this shift in mindset just helps to start the day focused with organized thoughts. And not for nothing, this focus can also help prevent falling down the rabbit hole of trying to clear out your inbox at the beginning of your day (seemingly impossible) or falling victim to the temptations of scrolling through Instagram for too long before really getting started on anything (we’ve all done it!). 

Jenna Kutcher from The Goal Digger Podcast lays out how her team uses this method on a daily basis in this blog post, noting that these tasks should be the biggest “needle-movers” for the business on that particular day. Once you break down all of the sub-tasks that accompany one larger task, it really starts to fill up your time! Plus, you’ll feel way less overwhelmed when you ditch that never-ending to-do list that, let’s be honest, you probably weren’t going to be able to finish anyway.


What Are Your Productivity Do’s & Don’ts?

Do you benefit from a routine? Do you swear by waking up at a certain time every morning? Leave your best productivity tips in the comments below and let’s learn from each other!

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