Emily Malkowski | Travel & Lifestyle Blogger based in Buffalo, NY

Yoooo. I’m Emily.

I’m a marketing professional by day, and a freelance writer, blogger, solo travel enthusiast, etc. etc. whenever I’m not doing that.

My Story:

In 2018, I found myself working in retail - doing nothing with my all-too-expensive communications degree, and stuck in a job that I once loved, but was quickly growing to resent. I started this blog after realizing that the ever-present anxieties of being a college grad with student loan payments and $0 in savings weren’t going to let up anytime soon.


Well, on a day to day basis- to have something to do during the couple nights a week I didn’t have my boyfriend around to distract me. But also, to have an excuse to travel, explore, write, and escape a life I wasn’t really happy living. I needed a creative outlet during one of the lowest points of my life, and something that was mine. Something that forced my introvert ass leave my teeny studio apartment, put myself out there, and live a little more intentionally.

Even though that chapter of my life is now behind me, I love that this blog has grown with me over time. And not for nothing- it helped me gain the confidence to launch my freelance writing career.

So it stays in my little corner of the Internet, and serves as a platform for me to write about anything that strikes me with inspiration (and over-share from time to time).

What’s next?

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You can get in touch with me here for any inquiries regarding freelance work, brand collaborations, writing samples, questions about where to get the best chicken wings in Buffalo, or just to say hi.