About Emily

Emily Malkowski | Travel & Lifestyle Blogger based in Buffalo, NY

Travel & Lifestyle Blogger based in Buffalo, NY

Hi, I’m Emily! I truly hate writing about me's, and the idea of "sharing a fun fact with the class" makes me want to jump out the closest window I can find, but if you really must know- 

I'm a 20something from Buffalo, NY. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from the good old University at Buffalo and the student loan debt to prove it (and the official piece of paper that says so, too, I guess). I’m currently working full-time as a digital marketing strategist and freelancing as a writer, and it took me well over a year after graduating to be able to confidently say that. Here’s to using that degree I paid so much for, right?

Since graduating, I’ve been navigating my twenties, enjoying the beautiful city of Buffalo, NY, learning new languages, exploring the country, mastering the art of budget travel, and writing about all things life, solo travel, and whatever else might strike me with inspiration. Oh, and watching more Food Network than I’d like to openly admit.


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